“When we’re facing challenges that appear oppressive to our spirit or thwart our will to achieve, we come to a threshold that, if crossed, can usher us into a new way of seeing ourselves and the world around us. We gain a new stance that we couldn’t think our way into. Leaning into these crossings is to lean into our emerging leadership and humanity.”

a dynamic advisory group

Transforming big ideas
into great ventures

At sen5es, (pronounced "5 Senses"), we help big companies act like small startups, and provide the expertise startups need to launch and scale their business in addition to creating ventures on our own.

From creating new offerings and services to improving existing offerings, we are with you every step of the way.

We work alongside your organisation as a team, contributing to everything from:

  • product design
  • prototyping
  • process mapping
  • branding & brand development
  • advanced machine learning
  • and more!

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Saskatchewan, Canada


Meet Neil

Chief Transformation Officer

As a Chief Transformation Officer, I bring the skills and learnings to help you and your team better understand each other, navigate the process of change, and improve employee engagement and performance. With an acute understanding of human behaviour, and how to influence that behaviour for organisational success — I come alongside your team as a partner in collective excellence.


Keynote Speaker

As a Keynote Speaker, I weave in my mountain and Samba roots - bringing awareness to differing definitions of success and activating the audience’s limbic brain. Tied to my intercontinental experience, audiences shift their views on goal-setting, success, and life-long search for fulfillment and happiness. Join me on a transformational journey to ignite business and personal achievement. 

Neil Smith Chief Transformation Officer

Our Services

As a Dynamic Advisory Group, sen5es is focused on bringing you results. From IT to human behaviour, we have you covered.  

Coaching Services

Coaching Services

We work with individuals, teams and whole organisations on professional and personal leadership development.

If there is lack of clarity around vision, roles, etc., or people are under large amounts of emotional or psychological stress, every day that occurs in your company you are losing huge amounts of productivity. The main ROI of coaching is to have people not be confused, scared and generally freaked out which translates to a huge boost in productivity, and general well being.

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edify camps

Join the OUR Team and immerse yourself in the complexity and vulnerability of being a leader and founder with up to 15 other smart and courageous entrepreneurs. Edify Boot Camps are both rigorous and relaxing by blending practical skills, radical self inquiry and shared experiences to enhance leadership and resiliency. You will leave with greater awareness of your personal leadership habits as well as a customized strategy for being the leader you want to be and a network of peers that you can rely on.

advisory council

sen5es Symposia

sen5es Symposia are coach-led groups for founders and high-growth startup executives. All coaches are Arthur George Norman Agency-vetted, and designed to help you become the leader you were meant to be.

Symposia groups meet virtually (video conference) twice a month, for 1.5 hours each meeting. Group members commit to being together for 6 months. Group sessions involve a mix of potent exercises, elegant conversation structures, and time to process pressing issues and concerns. The facilitator holds the space, allowing for powerful insights and discoveries to emerge in the interactions.

sen5es advisory councils

Organisational Behaviour Development

There are so many ways in which even the most well-intentioned companies construct toxic and destructive environments. For each of us, as leaders, doing our work—moving towards our own self-actualization—requires that we create the capacity within our organisations for each member to grow.

It requires us to allow our organisation, the community members we call “colleagues,” to collectively actualize.

Health and Wellness Saskatoon

HeAlth & wellness

your health. your life. your way.


sen5es Dynamic are brand ambassadors for USANA - the highest-rated nutritional supplements available. These world-renowned weight management and personal care products can help you take care of your life and health so your business can thrive.

At sen5es, everything we do helps you love life and live it! The number one reasons businesses fail are because of leadership. We are here to help you take care of you.

Whether you are looking to reduce stress, stop your emotional eating, improve everyday function of living. improve physical health, find your optimal performance zone or excel in the boardroom, we offer a solution for you!